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5 Easy Ways to Lose Water Weight

If you're an athlete, in sports training, or are just trying to lose a few extra pounds, it may be a good idea to target water weight. Losing water weight is a fairly common practice and can help promote positive and healthy habits, which is especially important for younger generations. In fact, according to Healthline, adolescents who become overweight have a 70% chance of later becoming overweight adults.

Of course, if you have a medical condition in which you retain water, such as edema, these tips aren't relative to your condition. Follow your physician's advice about relief from more serious water retention issues. Here are five tips to consider.

1. Reduce Carbohydrates

Your liver and muscles store carbohydrates in a substance called glycogen, which also attracts water. Reducing the number of carbs can also reduce glycogen, thus lowering the amount of water being retained in body tissue. A diet low in carbs also reduces insulin levels, which can reduce water and sodium levels in the kidneys.

2. Exercise

Physical movement and activity will cause the body to sweat as a cooling mechanism. The release of sweat is one of the most direct forms of water loss possible for humans. For even greater water loss, a sauna session will definitely keep the sweat going strong. Of course, you'll also need to recoup some water for natural bodily functions. Be sure to drink fresh water after exercise or sauna sessions.

3. Try Certain Foods or Supplements

Various different natural or herbal supplements can help the body shed water. Taking potassium, magnesium, or even dandelion supplements can help in the reduction of water. Potassium can increase urination, dandelion helps reduce water retention, and magnesium is beneficial in a number of the body's processes, which involve balancing water intake. Additionally, certain herbs or foods will assist in reducing water weight. Nettles, fennel, parsley, horsetail, corn silk, and hibiscus are all beneficial for reducing water weight.

4. Control Your Salts

A diet high in salt or sodium or salt levels that are too low can signal water retention to take place. Processed foods are often a culprit, so try to reduce your intake of them.

5. Drink Coffee or Tea

Coffees and teas are considered natural diuretics and can stimulate more frequent urination. Keep in mind that liquid has to first be added in order to later subtract, so the effects may be minimal.

Get started today with these or other similar steps to shed some water weight quickly and effectively. For professional assistance, contact New Journey Weight Loss & Wellness today. We look forward to working with you!

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