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Lose Weight From Anywhere with our

Do you live in an RV? Do you live in another state or too far from our Naples, Florida location? Are you a seasonal resident, travel frequently, want total mobility or just love the freedom of doing things virtually?

Well then you’re just like some of our other clients benefiting from our “Lose Weight From Any State - At Home Program".  We have a plan that fits your mobile lifestyle and designed just for you.

We are successfully servicing clients virtually all over the country; in locations like Connecticut, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Minnesota, Ohio, Montana and even in Canada.

New Journey Weight Loss & Wellness offers our professional weight loss guidance, products, and services from the comfort of your home, RV, hotel room or anywhere you are in the United States & Canada. 

Starting is easy!

Our consultations are free and with no obligation.
Start your journey today by clicking here or you can
call our office at (239) 280-0678.

How does the At Home Program work?

  • All of our services and products are available to you, just like any of our other clients that come into our Naples, Florida location.

  • Call our office (239) 280-0678 or fill out this form to schedule a Free No Obligation Consultation.

  • Your free consultation will be scheduled at a time and manner convenient to you through Skype, FaceTime, or by phone; if you want to come see us we can also schedule an in-center visit,

  • Once you have enrolled in our “At Home Program” we will hold weekly one-on-one coaching sessions through Skype or FaceTime, and if those visual programs aren't available to you, we can simply talk by phone.

Throughout your program:

  • We track your weight loss and adjust the meal plan as needed during any of the weekly coaching sessions.

  • Product purchases can be shipped anywhere you are located.


You will be amazed with your results as you take part in our Lose Weight From Any State - At Home Program!

Emily L
Lost 65 Pounds

I was unhappy with my weight and I could not fit into my clothes. New Journey Weight Loss was the perfect way to lose weight and begin to feel good about myself. Other people have told me I look great and they wish they could lose as much as I have. When I see other people I want to tell them they can do it, no matter what and that they should join New Journey Weight Loss. Now I feel great, I’m working out at a gym and eating right!

Corinne R.
Lost 31 Pounds

I live in 1,600 miles away and lost my weight with the “At Home Program”. Each week I Facetimed with my coach who was very supportive, as if I was sitting in her office! I liked that I could easily combine my program’s meals with meals prepared for my family. I had lots of encouragement throughout my journey and they helped me get back on track when times were challenging. NJWL’s philosophy is that this is not just a diet. They helped me change the way I looked at losing weight. I was a size 16 and now I’m a size 8!

Rose Marie
Lost 21 Pounds

I was depressed because my clothes were getting tighter, so I called New Journey Weight Loss; I feel they got my life back on track. By following my prescribed program I wasn’t hungry and the weight was falling off. It was easy to follow and the staff was so encouraging and supportive.


I learned how to eat better foods at home and make better choices at restaurants and during parties. This was a learning experience which taught me to eat healthier and I feel good about myself.

Don't wait, start  your new journey

while "At Home" today!

Or call (239) 280-0678

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