Vitamins & Special Formulations

Restoring Health & Energy with the Right Special Formulations!

Vitamins and other special formulations are an essential part of getting and staying healthy. Some play a vital role in the active use of your body’s enzymes and metabolic process; while others supplement your body’s need for certain nutrients, like fish oils, amino acids, minerals, ginseng, vitamins A, B, C, D, and E, and others.

The benefits of taking New Journey Weight Loss’ Vitamins and other special formulations are important because our body is unable to manufacture most vitamins and minerals by itself, therefore we need to get them from other sources; such as from the foods we eat. Our multi-vitamins, essential fatty acids (EFA) and carbohydrate blockers provide a valuable source of other trace minerals and herb extracts which our body needs to promote good health, boost the immune system, burn more calories, aid in weight management, and convert carbohydrate proteins and fat into energy.