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WE ARE 100% VIRTUAL & Voted the Best Weight Loss PROGRAM in Southwest Florida
10 years in a row

Our All Virtual Programs include:

Welcome to New Journey Weight Loss & Wellness

  • Dietitian Review
  • Nutritional Analysis
  • Virtual video weekly visits
  • Individualized Nutrition Plan
  • Personalized Virtual Coaching
  • Eat restaurant and grocery store foods
  • We service many Virtual Clients Nationally
We're happy you're here! At New Journey Weight Loss & Wellness, we have the best, proven virtual weight loss programs, made easier with our custom iOS & Android App!
Because everyone's journey is different
Lose weight while you're away or traveling
For lifestyle changes
that can really last
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About Us
Free No Obligation Consultation

Let us help you begin your new virtual journey. Schedule your FREE consultation today! Click below to learn more, Text or Call (239) 280-0678

Lose Weight in Any State

Our "Virtual Coaching Program" can help you no matter where you live. Have weekly coaching sessions using Skype or FaceTime and get real results, from any state! Click below to learn more, Text or Call (239) 280-0678

We Have the Right Virtual Program For You


Your journey is not like anyone else's. That's why we focus on highly individualized plans to bring you success! We have programs specially designed for men, women, and children as young as nine.

We also offer "Virtual Coaching Programs" to clients throughout the USA. So even if you're not located in Naples, Florida we are here to help!

Prescription Free Care


We believe in the power of the body, so we do not use Ozempic, Semaglutide, HCG, injections, or prescription medications. We focus on creating eating behavior changes through unlimited coaching, all of our plans are approved by our Licensed Dietitian and are nutritionally designed to help you shed those unwanted pounds quickly and safely with sustainability for long term results.

For your FREE New Client Consultation Call (239) 280-0678

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Mike M
Lost 70 Pounds

Before coming to new Journey Weight Loss, I felt unhealthy and concerned; I was short of breath and had high blood pressure; my clothes wouldn't even fit. Now I'm focused on long term changes that have improved my health and changed my life.


I’m never hungry, this isn’t a “diet”; it’s all about learning better long term eating habits. I was noticeably thinner after only 4 weeks and now look at me. I’m able to exercise, by walking 5 miles and even maintain a 4.5mph pace whenever I want. I have a positive attitude and my blood pressure and overall health has improved.

Joanna B
Lost 90 Pounds

 My program fit into my lifestyle so easily & the weight fell off. What I liked best was the ability to not just lose the weight, but the knowledge behind it. That gave me confidence and knowledge to help others to transform their body & preserve their health.


Others tell me how good I look and I tell them how good I feel! NJWL will not only help you lose the weight they will help you keep it off.

Ceceli S
Lost 51 Pounds

After having my baby I was carrying a lot of extra weight. I felt very unattractive and tired. When I joined New Journey Weight Loss I was able to shed 40 pounds in 11 weeks and 11 weeks after that I was ready for my very special wedding day! 


I liked that it was so easy and I appreciated all of the support from the staff and education I received on how to eat right. I now have a lot more energy and feel so much better.


Don't waste another day or your time elsewhere. It’s not as hard as you might think and you deserve to be happy and healthy. This is the best way to lose weight and feel amazing!

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Our Services
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Voted Naples' Best Weight Loss Center every year since 2014!

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